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First Pressgram

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Like it's the Fourth of July

#abudhabi #abudhabifragments Mall Lighting like it’s the 4th of July Published via Pressgram

Prayer time at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Evening prayer at the #abudhabi Grand Mosque. #ramadan. Published via Pressgram

Pisa Tai-Chi

Everybody in Pisa wants that picture taken. It took me about half a second to think of this (I was probably helped by the fact that the vast majority of tourists seem to be Chinese.) So I give you this new variant of the thousand-year old martial art: “Lo Tai-Chi de Pisa”.

Ramadan 2013 – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

I’ve finally managed to make it to the mosque for some night time pictures during Ramadan. It’s an incredible feeling to see the crowd walking towards the mosque, quietly. I can’t describe the mix between the majesty of the mosque and the “normality” of the crowd. Kids playing. People from all walks of life sharingContinue Reading

Muscat Souq Portraits

A bit of street photography with the X100s. I still need to learn to get close and talk to people. But I really like the way the camera renders colors and textures.

A barbecue with friends

Less than an hour away from home, the Desert can be a magical place for a playdate with the kids, watching the sunset, and a nice barbecue with friends. There is a magical quality to this which never ceases to amaze me. It appeals to the kid inside who wanted to play pirates. Also: USContinue Reading

A night/street shooting hour with the X100s

The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi, and FujiFilm ME organised a “get to know the X100s” event last night. I was lucky enough to be one of the 10 participants – even though I already had my own X100s. It was a fun, quick event: 1 hour of shooting, the National photographers editing our picksContinue Reading

GPP 2013 – "Don't Shoot it like it looks, shoot it like it feels"

This year’s GPP2013 has been done and dusted for more than a week. My class mates are back in Trinidad or India and have already posted their pictures & thoughts. Me? I live an hour away and I’m still thinking about it. Well, I didn’t have a 23 hour commute to write those posts, likeContinue Reading

Qasr Al Hosn festival

I’ll write a longer review of the X100s, and an even longer multi post play by play of GPP 2013. In the meantime, some shots of the Qasr al Hosn festival today. These are handheld, ISO 6400, camera JPEG shots. Amazing, no?